our facilitators

Jennifer Langdon

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Jennifer Langdon is a writer, maker, and creative consultant. Always an iconoclast, her journey back from chronic illness has led her to a wide range of healing strategies, from floating and functional medicine to minimalism and metaphysics. She is pulling these threads together in the art and practice of Radical Embodiment (think permaculture for the mind-body-soul) and a deep faith in the power of art-making, story-telling, and connectivity to heal ourselves, each other, and the world. She blogs sporadically at www.jennyquest.net.

Nicole Bales

Nicole Bales is a 200 hour yoga teacher and has been practicing yoga for 8 years. Her first experience with yoga was a class taught in a barn nestled in the middle of a flower farm near her home. The class was accessible to everybody and provided a warm, welcoming, and non judgmental environment. Nicole was inspired to create these environments in her own class and in every interaction. Nicole’s goal is to create more open, curious and loving communities. Nicole has taught at Just Move Studio in Pleasant Hill, OR and Celebration Belly Dance and Yoga Studio in Eugene, OR, as well as at the Astoria Senior Center in Astoria. Nicole has been living in Astoria for two years.

Fawn DeViney

Fawn DeViney is a photographer by profession and has a Bachelors in Social Work with an emphasis in Art Therapy. But it is her personal practice that is her true passion, sitting in beauty and calm within art and meditation. In the past few years she has been working with other Artists to cultivate a deeper spiritual connection to their work. She has found the ritual of using sound healing with alchemy crystal bowls to be quite profound not just in creative meditation but also in reducing how stress manifests mentally and physically. Everyday she is joyfully learning more about the the healing remedies of sound, energy, and vibration. She looks forward to sharing this modality with you.