travels with fiona

My version of living the dream? A tiny house on wheels, a dog as my co-pilot, and the open road. And when that dog is Fiona the Incredible Eyeball-Free Wonder Pug, well, let’s just say, the adventures were extraordinary.

For two years, from 2017 to 2019, Fiona and I lived and traveled almost fulltime in La Tortuga, our rehabbed 1965 Avion camper. In 2018 we took a major road trip, The Heart of America Tour, covering more than 10,000 miles over nearly three months. I wrote a handful of posts about our adventures, here and on Instagram, and I’d planned a major writing project around our Heart of America Tour.

But when Fiona crossed over in September 2019, she took a huge piece of me with her…. Truly, she was my person, a part of my heart beating outside my body. Finally, more than a year later, I’m ready to revisit our adventures, and share them with others.

But first, you need to read Fiona’s story.