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Is It an Airstream?

I get this question a lot with the Avion — and now I’m getting it with the Silver Streak. No, it’s not an Airstream. But all of them drew on the same post-World War Two airplane design and technology — riveted aluminum, rounded edges for streamlined aerodynamics on the road. “Famous Aircraft Riveted Construction” They… Read More Is It an Airstream?

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Call Me Jenny Quest

It’s December 2017. I’m at a windswept campground just north of the U.S.-Mexico border, about to travel to Baja California in a three-vehicle convoy of women I barely know. Lori hands me a walkie talkie so we can communicate while we’re driving. “I’m Big Bear. Oso Grande,” she says. “Cami is Little Bear, Osito.” She… Read More Call Me Jenny Quest


Hello world!

Two years ago I spent my first winter at the Fountain of Youth RV Park and Spa, in Niland, CA, down near the Salton Sea.  One day woman came round to my campsite to admire my 1965 Avion and offered me a tour of her 1978 Silver Streak. I was charmed, to say the least.… Read More Hello world!

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Home Sweet Home

SQUEEEEE! It’s official: I am the deliriously happy owner of this 1978 Silver Streak trailer! As with the Avion, this came to me through the kind of lucky coincidence that really suggests the hand of fate at work. In early February, I got a phone call out of the blue from Lois Codd, a lovely… Read More Home Sweet Home